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Winnie Mandela: A Life

Winnie Mandela: A Life

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Winnie Mandela: A Life

Everyone has an opinion about Winnie Mandela, and usually a strong one. She has been adored, feared and hated more than any other woman in South African history. But few people know much about the life behind the headlines, myths and sound-bites. This biography is an in-depth and intimate look at Winnie Mandela's personal and political life, and takes the reader on a remarkable journey of understanding. The book traces her development from talented and privileged child to dedicated social worker, caring wife and mother, and fiery political activist. It examines her vigorous campaign to keep the name of her jailed husband alive, and explores her own harassment, imprisonment and isolation at the hands of the security police. Finally, the book investigates the events that have made Winnie Mandela such a controversial figure: the allegations of kidnapping and murder, her divorce from Mandela, and the current fraud charges. Winnie Mandela's journey to this point is traced with understanding and honesty, in this fascinating and balanced biography of a most enigmatic woman.

Author AnnÌÎÌ_ MariÌÎ_ÌÎ? du Preez Bezdrob
ISBN 1868729265, 9781868729265
Format Paperback
Pages 287p.

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