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Year of the Turnip, by John Dobson (used)

Year of the Turnip, by John Dobson (used)

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When Year Of The Gherkin was released in 2012, Jason Brydon quickly established himself as quite probably the least likeable protagonist of South African fiction since... forever. And yet his diary of extreme narcissism, grand delusions and ongoing calamity also turned him into one of the funniest. Now The Jasonator is back! Not that his friends, or pretty much anyone in Cape Town, have missed him since his job-loss-imposed banishment to his folks' place in the godforsaken Eastern Cape, where's he's been biding his time serving the soaks - mostly his dad - at the Port Alfred Country Club... Anyway, point is Jason Brydon is back and this time he's gonna crush it.

used, good condition

Author John Dobson
ISBN 9780992194994
Format Paperback
Pages 320p.

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