Training with IFAS

Training with IFAS

Bridge Books was recently selected to participate in the Création Africa programme, run by the Insitut français d’Afrique du sud. From over 700 applicants, we were selected as one of 40 businesses to receive intensive training to sharpen up some of our business skills.

As you know, we run a small publishing operation. We want to grow this operation to further our goal of getting more books, in more languages, in more hands. 

The Création Africa programme was designed to help emerging businesses in creative and cultural industries break into new markets. For a month, we attended daily training sessions on business strategies tailored to creative ventures. With hours of in-depth discussion, we have been able to refine our dreams into clear-eyed goals.

As an emerging name in publishing, this experience was nothing short of transformative. The knowledge and tools that we gained have not only expanded our understanding of business principles but also instilled a sense of purpose and determination to make a meaningful impact in the industry.

We want to show South Africans that they have a home in literature, and we want to show the world that literature has a home in South Africa. Thank you, Création Africa, for helping us along our path.

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