Book launches at Bridge Books

Book launches

Our book event slots are:

Wednesday through Friday, 6:30pm-7:30pm

Saturday, 11am-12pm, 2pm-3pm

Full payment is required to secure the date.

Basic venue hire: R450 an hour, with a minimum of two hours.

This is from the time you arrive to set up, until the time you leave.

This includes our space, 25 chairs, one staffer to assist with the event, and the logistical and cleaning work before and after.

You may supply your own marketing materials, or our designer will create an invitation at a cost of R300.

Audio: R500

Cordless mics and in-store sound

Visual: R800

Projector and screen. Images must be supplied 72 hours in advance.

Video: We can create a video of your event R5,000

Photography: We can take photos of your event R1,500

Catering: based on menu prices

Note: Catering orders must be finalized 72 hours before the start of the event with our in-house suppliers. You must use our caterer.

Savoury option: samosas and spring rolls, either with meat or vegetarian

Sweet option: mixed biscuits, mini muffins

Bottled water: R15 per 500ml bottle

Shelves may not be rearranged for your event. Bridge Books signage may not be moved or changed.

Seating arrangements are standardized and cannot be changed.

Sales of books and other items at the event follow our normal terms and conditions. You will need a purchase order from Bridge Books before books can be sold at the event. You may take excess stock back with you, or stock it at Bridge under our normal terms.