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To The Leader In You by Godfrey Malibe

To The Leader In You by Godfrey Malibe

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Every nation need quality leaders. In fact, the world demands high standards and  uncompromised ethics from leaders.How ever there is missing link somewhere. Where does quality leader ship start leadership start? Does it start in the cosy chambers of the highest office in the land?Or perhaps the day you are promoted manager of your section at work? In this series of  inspiring letters, To The Leader In You, author Godfrey Malibe, suggest that quality leadership start the day a child born into  this world .He creatively argues that charity begins at home, with mom and the baby.Soon that baby is released into the schooling system and the local community to interact  with others. Their home leadership  begins to show  in the child's friendship and their respect towards elders.Once the child become an adult their leadership is again required in successfully managing romantic relationship, a career a business and his or her  spiritual development. For this reason, Malibe believes there is a leader in all of us that needs inspiration and, motivation.This book is therefore inviting all of us leaders in every circumstance and situation that demand our attention. Allow these letters to challenge the leader in you. Let it help you do some self-introspection and to aspire to be better at everything that you do. Are you ready to lead?

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