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Unbecoming to Become, by Ayanda Mangubane Borotho

Unbecoming to Become, by Ayanda Mangubane Borotho

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In this personal memoir; Ayanda tracks her journey back to self in a bid to return to her true self and to redefine her worth by challenging cultural conditioning, social stereotypes, family expectations and people's opinions of her.

Ayanda shares intimate details of her most profound experiences as a young girl in the township in a toxic relationship with a high flying gangster: As a young woman falling pregnant out of wedlock and the ostracism she encountered. As a young black woman in a white male dominated corporate environment. As an artist who didn't quite fit into mainstream popularity and her battle to maintain her authenticity in an industry that recognises fake over real. As a loyal friend betrayed by someone she loved and trusted. As a mother overwhelmed by the expectations of being a supermom. As a young wife fighting not to lose herself in marriage. As well

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