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Why South Africa will Survive, by LH Gann & Peter Duignan (Used)

Why South Africa will Survive, by LH Gann & Peter Duignan (Used)

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South Africa is one of the most unpopular countries on the face of the globe; its critics disagree widely amongst themselves but they do share certain assumptions. The most pressing of these is that such is the oppression of the blacks by the ruthless white oligarchy that the day of reckoning is at hand and soon the whites will be overthrown. This book takes quite the contrary view. It argues that the extraordinary social and economic changes that have come over South Africa during the last generation have given the country great stability. The authors do not believe that a South African revolution is imminent but that change will come from within the ruling white oligarchy rather than from Liberation Movements. They believe that the greatest solvent of apartheid is to be found in the working of a free market economy.

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