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Lessons from the Boot of a Car For Entrepreneurship, and for Life (Used) by Reg Lascaris

Lessons from the Boot of a Car For Entrepreneurship, and for Life (Used) by Reg Lascaris

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"Reg Lascaris, one of South Africa's most celebrated marketers, literally started out from the boot of an old car. The road leading from the one point to the other has been long, uneven and often difficult, but in one respect it never failed: there was always a lesson to be learnt. Lascaris, together with his partner John Hunt, sparked not only some of the most iconic ad campaigns in the world, but the transformation of the South African advertising industry into a twenty-first century powerhouse. This is where the famous Nando's campaign was born, these were the men the ANC turned to for their first election campaign. They were the first to inject human emotion into financial services for South Africa\2019s best loved bank, Standard Bank ... And who can forget the BMW mouse? Lessons from the Boot of a Car traces an extraordinary journey by an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur, reciting at each point the lessons learnt \2013 career and business lessons as much as they are lessons for life."--Back cover.

good condition

shelf: bus used

Publisher: Penguin
Published date: 2014
Page count: 208
Dimensions: Height:24.00 cm
Thickness:1.70 cm
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