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Zulu Boy Gone Crazy, by Fred Khumalo

Zulu Boy Gone Crazy, by Fred Khumalo

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With tongue firmly in cheek, a mischievous glint in his eye and palpable impish countenance, Khumalo studiously sets about challenging us to interrogate our true nature as a species. That is after all, the core function of the columnist - to dissect societal existential truths and drag the citizens kicking and screaming closer to facing their demons. Fred's columns are always dripping with a self-effacing, disarming glibness that successfully masks the underlying steeliness of his probing, poison-laced writing feather. But more than anything else, true to the 'somewhat serious, somewhat fun' tag of his page in the Sunday Times, Fred Khumalo has the enviable gift of being entertaining as he goes about disseminating these truths. The effortless eloquence of his prose betrays the existence of a bona fide, first tier novelist bubbling just beneath the surface which often leaves one with a sense of guilt, as if enjoying a first class flight using an economy class ticket.

Fred Khumalo is an award-winning columnist and editor of the Review section of the Sunday Times, the country's biggest Sunday newspaper, where most of the columns in this book were first published. Fred has published three books: Touch My Blood, his autobiography which was short-listed for the Alan Paton Prize for Non-Fiction in 2007, the hilarious novel Bitches' Brew, co-winner of the European Union Literary Award in 2005 and its sequel Seven Steps To Heaven.

Author Fred Khumalo
ISBN 9780620448895
Format Paperback
Pages 153p.

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