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CSM Chengiah Rogers Ragaven

Memories of a Political Prisoner, by Chengiah Rogers Ragaven

Memories of a Political Prisoner, by Chengiah Rogers Ragaven

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Memories of a Political Prisoner is a moment in the life of exiles and was one of the many reminisces that refugees are forced to 'think out' as a consequence of their existential condition in forced to leave home and wander in strange countries.This is therefore an episodic litany of one of the memories and it deals with a day in my life when I was presented with the Banning Orders by the Security Agents of the South African government of the Apartheid period. Chengiah Rogers Ragaven was a pre-eminent student leader in the turbulent 60's during the time of the Sharpsville massacre in South Africa. He was later Banned and put under House Arrest. Forced into exile for 25 years he played a prominent role internationally to transform South Africa into a Democracy. He continues this role while in the USA on issues of Human Rights across the world. Chengiah Rogers Ragaven is a professor in the International Studies program at Central Connecticut State University in the USA. Educated at Oxford, Cambridge, Sussex, London and South Africa he remains one of the most active Human Rights campaigner Internationally. He has addressed rallies across the continents and is attached to anti-war movements.

Author Chengiah Rogers Ragaven
ISBN 0620490934, 9780620490931
Format Paperback
Pages 50p.
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