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A Testament of Hope: The Autobiography of Dr Sam Motsuenyane

A Testament of Hope: The Autobiography of Dr Sam Motsuenyane

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A Testament of Hope

A Testament of Hopeis an uplifting story about one man's dream to succeed and achieve, despite severe political and socio-economic obstacles. The book traces Dr Motsuenyane's humble beginnings in a village in the North West Province and reveals how he reached the highestechelons of black business. Dr Motsuenyane was National Secretary and organiser of the African National Soil Conservation Association and National President of the National African Federated Chamber of Commerce (NAFCOC) for 24 years. Under his tenure numerous NAFCOC sponsored businesses and companies were formed including the African Bank, Black African Development and Construction Company amongst others.

After 1994, Dr Motsuenyane became involved in the political and diplomatic sphere, serving in the Senate from 1994 to 1996 and later as Ambassador to the Gulf States. He also headed the Motsuenyane commission of Enquiry into human rights abuses in ANC camps in exile. He is currently involved in the Winterveld United Farmers' Association which he helped establish.

Author Dr Sam Motsuenyane
ISBN 9780620512602
Format Paperback
Pages 178p.

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