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Surviving I.C.U. (used) by Sonia Booth

Surviving I.C.U. (used) by Sonia Booth

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From IOL:
If one had to look at Sonia Booth’s life through the press coverage and social events, it has been idyllic. Married to former soccer star Matthew Booth, with two sons Nathan and Noah, she oozes confidence and warmth. And not forgetting her flair for fashion.
But there’s more to her - a strength even she didn’t realise she had. And in her book Surviving I.C.U. she tells of her insecurities, fears and sadness while revealing her fortitude, faith and appreciation for life and her loved ones.In February 2015 a CT scan revealed she had a burst cyst and four fibroids. She was given several options and researched as much as she could about her condition.Booth recalls: “An ultrasound and CT scan revealed uterine fibroids, and the first thing my gynaecologist asked me was if I knew of anyone else in my family who had experienced such.
Publisher: Sonia Booth
Published date: 2017
Page count: 128
Dimensions: Height:20.00 cm
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