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CSM Abi Godsell

Idea War 1, by Abi Godsell

Idea War 1, by Abi Godsell

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“Today I live in a country that doesn’t exist. Three years ago I was South African. That was before the Global Oil Crisis (when North America and East Asia declared war over fuel). Now I am a citizen of the Sovereign State of Greater Johannesburg, and answerable to the military rule of the Chinese Custodial Authority.

I’m writing this so that someday, if there’s any world left outside the Civilian Wall that encloses my city, someone will know what really happened.”

This is a work of socio-political science fiction set on the streets of a Johannesburg where the future is now, the rules have changed and nothing is quite as it seems.

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Customer Reviews

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Idea War

The book is set in South Africa in a terrifying dystonic future, it highlights the strength and courage of our Rainbow Nation all while combining a unique and diverse cast of characters to play with. This book makes for a great read, I would definitely recommend it.

Kiara chetty
idea war 1

this was a well written book and i enjoyed almost every page of it! What a fantastic beginning to what I anticipate to be a lengthier saga. Approximately 2050, Johannesburg is under Chinese domination. the brooding resentment of the occupying forces gave it a gritty edge that I adored.

Pratham Patel
Interesting read

A lot of the readers feel as if they have set foot in a dystopian world that sometimes can take on a little bit too much of a reality due to the author's art. I would definitely recommend Idea War to anybody who is looking for a book with a unique cast of characters that highlight the strengths and courage of our rainbow nation.

Rochelle Coetsee
Idea War: Volume 1

This is an incredibly piece of work. The author does an incredible job creating a dismal future that occasionally feels a too plausible. With a few political and sociological blunders and current global trends, it's simple to imagine how such a scenario can be materialized.

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