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CSM Cornelia Fick

Eye of a Needle: And Other Stories by Cornelia Fick

Eye of a Needle: And Other Stories by Cornelia Fick

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A great read for lovers of literary and experimental fiction, this debut collection was written with a compassionate eye for the fragile positions of women, the dispossessed and the poor. While experimenting with different styles and forms of storytelling, Ms Fick displays an acute insight into the mysteries of human nature. This collection of forty stories varies widely, from a one-line story to a short novella. 'Flying Ants' is a delicately observed narrative about the emotional neglect and abuse of Mrs Prinn; 'Belinda' a slice of life in a small South African town told from the point of view of Oom (uncle) Baba. 'Knit One', a story about a retired couple, solidifies the tone and major theme of the collection: the decay and unseen emotional damage caused by unequal and patriarchal relationships.

About the author
Cornelia Smith Fick (Connie Fick), also known as Colleen Lynn, is a South African writer. She recently completed the MA in Creative Writing at Rhodes University. A nurse by profession, she worked for a number of years as the editor of a primary health care magazine, and as a freelance writer for Takalani Sesame (radio and TV). Her poems and short stories are published in local and international literary magazines and anthologies: Itch, Botsotso, Experimental Writing Volume 1, Africa VS Latin America, and Atlanta Review. She lives in Johannesburg with her family and two dogs.

Author Cornelia Fick
ISBN 062072319X, 9780620723190
Format Paperback
Pages 171p.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Set in contemporary South Africa Eye of the needle dives into the complex relationships between men and women, Homelessness, and abuse. The book is very well written and cleverly brings to light with brutal honesty the bitterness of male-female power plays. Overall a very entertaining and thought-provoking read.

Rochelle Coetsee
Eye of a Needle: And Other Stories by Cornelia Fick

This book need to be required reading for high school students so that they may discuss their lives and learn to identify damaging behaviors so that they can figure out how to stop doing them. We frequently ignore things that make us uncomfortable, and this book brings many of these difficult ideas to light for us to consider.

Eye of a Needle: And Other Stories by Cornelia Fick

I'll remember this collection of short stories for a very long time. I'll read this collection again when I'm ready to process the wide range of emotions each story evokes. Many of Ms. Fick's original short stories have been collected in a book. Some of the pieces are brief—just one or two lines—while others span many pages. This book displays the author's extraordinary talent, covering everything from fable to fantasy and all in between. Different literary genres and techniques are employed, but most significantly for me, each one included commentary on contemporary society.

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