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The Maiden and The Bear, by Ayanda Xaba

The Maiden and The Bear, by Ayanda Xaba

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In the Mhlumayo village just outside Ladysmith, the old Zulu customs are still upheld. This is how 18 year old Ntombikayise Ngcobo finds herself bethroned to the 20 year old hothead  stickfighting champion named Mnqobi Mbhele. The two were matched eight years before and the wedding is  set to happen as soon as she finishes her high schooling. Ntombi starts having plans of her own.  Plans of furthering her studies and possibly becoming a career woman. Mnqobi is obviously against this, leaving Ntombi with no choice but to apply to tertiary in secret.

The Maiden & The Bear is a story of resilience and love. These two youngsters fall in love with each other as they find themselves and map out their new future. It is not without challenges. Tribal wars, village wars, cheating, culture - these are some of things they need to deal with in their journey. It is a story of love and war.

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