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Shepherd and the Lost Sheep A Motherless Child Craig Kanyemba

Shepherd and the Lost Sheep A Motherless Child Craig Kanyemba

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A motherless Child is a contemporary and thriller novel that follows the story of Tinashe, an ophan caught up in whirlwind corruption.An author raised in Africa, Craig has worked as a Speaker, Author, Producer, Developer, Screenwriter and storyteller for the past five years. Published his first book while studying at the University of South Africa, through which his first novel, Shepherd and the Lost Sheep; A Motherless Child, was conceived.In his late teenage years, Craig Kanyemba suffered from depression, from drug abuse to alcohol, whilst, it is this experience that brought him close to other young people in Africa suffering from the same problems. Craig not only did he write about his experiences down, but also he went further to discover that drugs abuse is a scapegoat to avoid discussing problems young people are suffering from.Craig is a founder of Harlem & Company (Pty) and a managing partner of Apadana Group (Pty), a content producing and distribution company, a multiple publishing agency. Craig has participated in anti-drugs campaigns. He has published a political memoir, Against All Odds: A Road to United States of Africa, across South Africa. His fiction novel, Friendly Advice: Aftermath, was published in Saturday Star newspaper. He is an alumna and conducts storytelling workshops and master classes around. Shepherd and the lost sheep; A Motherless Child, is his first novel and was published in 2018 by Apadana Group (Pty) Ltd (2018/618735/07).
Publisher: Apadana Group
Published date: 2018-03-11
Page count: 215
Dimensions: Height:21.00 cm
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