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Iqunga (Book 4 in the Hlomu series), by Dudu Busani-Dube

Iqunga (Book 4 in the Hlomu series), by Dudu Busani-Dube

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The fourth book in the best-selling Hlomu series. A dead priest, a mother burned to death, what's going on?

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Customer Reviews

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Mbali Gumede
A brilliant book

This book was just delish, so engaging and pleasurable. I loved how it has many different points of view, getting to understand each member especially those who were minor in the first books. Loved also the names heading of the chapters and how she was like unapologetic about Zulu statements with no translations lol I just passed them. The book also has many characters tjo- had to scratch my memory to remember some of the links. It really helps to refresh one’s memory with the first 3 books and the short stories on the Zulu brothers that are on the Hlomu website.

Iqunga is like a backdrop, the foundational story of the Zulu brothers on where they came from, their forefathers, and the familial curse. It seals some of the pending stories in the first books like who killed Zandile’s father, Nqoba and Gugu how they came to be, Hlomu and Mqoqi, the family curse of twins. In all the Hlomu books so far, I love how Dudu encores on the importance of family, culture and relationships(be it sexual or friendships).

Here for the deets!

I like the change in storytelling. I loved all the previous books but this one is extra special. I like how it keeps going back and forth between the past and present. Dudu Busani-Dube is a talented writer and this book is a testament to her talent. I like how this book gives a deeper insight into generations of the Zulu family.

Tshilanda Muamba
Fundamental !!

Book four of the Hlomu series unravels all the mysteries behind the Zulu brothers and where they come from. I believe this book is the necessary base we needed to fully understand the behaviors and characters of the Zulu brothers and their roots. Brilliant articulation of the storyline. it was intriguing to watch the Zulu brothers discover where they truly come from and who their father was and what he had left behind before his life with Nomafu, their mother.

Worth the read!

First read the 3 books Naledi, Zandile and Hlomu the wife to understand the characteristic of Zulu Men. The Author is an experienced Journalist and articaculates this story dramatically well!

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