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Fire in my Bones, by Nobunto Webster

Fire in my Bones, by Nobunto Webster

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The Fire In My Bones opens up a can of “holy” worms, taking an honest look at our beliefs about God and each other across colour, economic and gender lines. Nobuntu Webster uses poignant personal experiences as a child, as a teenager and as a Black African woman in the church to surface hard-hitting issues.

The book dares to pose questions on practices and beliefs in the Christian faith which have broken generations, segregated communities and alienated the modern believer.

Immersed in scripture and sprinkled with comical anecdotes, this book challenges religion, racism, patriarchy, and poverty within and outside the church; and is a stirring for restoration.
It is an insightful resource for those wanting to engage on long held and perhaps faulty beliefs; those who need inspiration for their faith journey and those who wish to seek out correct interpretation of the scriptures for an authentic relationship with God.
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