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Mulalo – The Politician, by Khathu Maestro

Mulalo – The Politician, by Khathu Maestro

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Scandalous, erotic and heart-breaking. “I was lonely. I was depressed, ashamed and overwhelmed with guilt. These were the ugly feelings I had woken up to, my head pounding with tremors of a hangover, my body aching from the pleasure and pain of the night before. My depression was self-diagnosed but I didn’t know what else to call this story of my life, it was an unending trauma. Surrounded by chaos with so many men in my life, yet I was so lonely. Abandoned by grace, shunned by happiness, will this nightmare ever end? I was in a secret hell.” A young woman’s battle with a traumatic past and an unstable family on the verge of poverty, falls into the hands of a politician who steals her innocence. In pursuit of a lavish lifestyle, Mulalo is thrust into a dangerous life of corruption, money-laundering and power. When her family is put in mortal danger, how far will she go to save them?
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