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CSM Simon M Kekana

MAGENTS 101 by Simon M Kekana

MAGENTS 101 by Simon M Kekana

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Magents 101 is a story about a group of young men from different backgrounds in Johannesburg, South Africa. Its aim is to highlight the social imbalance in this country between the rich and the poor. This story follows a young man by the name of Andy, who comes from a wealthy background in Pretoria, as he’s the son of a prominent politician. One day, going through his mother’s belongings, while she was away on a vacation in Australia with her rich mining tycoon, he stumbled upon a photo album in her walk-in – wardrobe. Curiosity made him to open that photo album and inside, he saw his cousin from Alexandra named Octavius whom he hadn’t seen in over twenty years. Octavius lived in Alexandra township and he was doing all he could to survive in an impoverished environment. When Andy saw that picture of him and Octavius as toddlers, he felt the need to go and pay him a surprise visit. The night before his untimely visit, Octavius and his friends in Alexandra were planning to go and rob Corrupt, who was a notorious drug lord, living in the lavish suburbs of Sandton. Corrupt was once a friend of Octavius, but their friendship ended in betrayal and Octavius served some time in prison for that.
A botched robbery occurred at Corrupt’s mansion and with the help of a stand- alone camera he was able to pin-point who stole from him. He knew that it was the boys from Alexandra. All hell was about to break loose. Meanwhile Andy, unannounced, was heading to Alexandra to pay his cousin a visit, not knowing what was to come. Corrupt confronted Octavius demanding what he had lost, fuming with anger. Andy was caught up in all the violence that was about to happen. He saw men die in front of his eyes. When he returned to his presidential home, he was a changed man. He had seen how poverty can influence one’s decisions. He saw how politicians were slowly killing this country by further creating a gap between the rich and poor. Inspired by the young men he met in Alexandra, he swore that he was going to be the voice of the voiceless and expose the injustice in this country.
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