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Say Something About You, by Pumza Shabangu

Say Something About You, by Pumza Shabangu

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“Do you wear contact lenses?” he asked, as his eyes searched mine.
“Huh?” My eyes dropped to his sexy lips.
“Your eyes,” he said, his deep voice rumbling against my chest. “They are green.” Jade actually.
“Oh. I wear contacts, but this is my natural colour.” We were quiet except for our breathing, and it took all of me not to dip my head and capture his tempting lips. His tongue wet his bottom lip, and I stifled a groan as my dick tightened.
“You are heavy,” he breathed.
“Oh. Sorry.” I scrambled off him. “You lost,” I said awkwardly. Pulling my t-shirt to cover the prominent bulge I was sporting.
“You cheated.” We both chuckled. There was a bit of awkwardness and I didn’t know how to break it. “I have to go. It’s late.” He got on his feet. I did the same.
“Yeah. Thanks for coming by.” I followed him to the kitchen as he picked up his bag and keys.
“Thanks for dinner and the game,” he said once we reached the door. “I needed the company.”
“Me too.” He opened the door. I held it for him. “Maybe we can do it again. Hangout, I mean.” I cringed at my audacity. I sounded like a girl asking him for a second date.
“That would be great. I’ll let you win next time.” He smirked, turned, and walked away. I stood by the door and watched him even long after his sexy back had disappeared. I closed the door and sagged against it. I wondered if he enjoyed my company as much as I did his. The guy is straight.

The book is a standalone novel about two young men that fall in love under unlikely circumstances. One of them has sworn off relationships to avoid turning out like his abusive father, while the other rediscovers himself. The book follows their journey as they navigate through their new found feelings. It’s a fun, quirky read but with also intense emotional rollercoaster.

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