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Mess, by Dudu Busani-Dube

Mess, by Dudu Busani-Dube

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The fifth book in the popular Hlomu series.

One of the few guys with no tattoos has been staring at my sneakers for too long and I know he's trying to figure me out. I have four tattoos, and they are all on my arms. Maybe that will work in my favour: at least they show I can stand pain. I will stand here, in this corner, for the whole night if I have to. I have slept under bridges, I have killed men with their eyes looking into mine. I am Nomafu's son. A cold hand over my mouth and a thight grip pulling my arms back are nothing compared to the knife going repeatedly into my thighs.



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Customer Reviews

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Mbali Gumede
The book is true to its Title

Read this book at the end of 2020 December but never got a chance to update. This on the series is definitely up there for me... A favourite, taking a spot that's always been for Zandile the Resolute. Completely loved this book. Dudu did magic here. She's grown so much as a writer and showed just how versatile of a writer she is. She reminded me of how much I love her work.

The introduction of the new character?! Loved it! Lale was just the kind of crazy I needed. The kind of crazy Mqoqi needed.

The book was heart tugging. Can never forgive Dudu for the Ending

Tshilanda Muamba
A real mess!

Mess was such an unexpected heartbreak into the series. A lot was going on in the book that was heart wrenching to read, but as a fan of the series you stay deeply engrossed into the book. Hlomu and Mqhele fell apart, Mqoqi gave in to his struggles and Nkosana went on a sabbatical with Zandile ,unbothered about the mess happening in the family. The rest of the family members were trying to keep everything afloat despite the things going on in the family. Qhawe trying his best to hide their tracks behind the death of Naledi's sister's husband, to keep his relationship with Naledi and her family. Recommend reading the book as it also touches on some themes that are fundamental.

Mbali Gumede
This book was so heartbreaking

I really enjoyed reading this book, Dudu did such a brilliant job on portraying the different themes in the book. I loved how she showed issues that men face in society and showing that men are also victims of domestic abuse and as well as talking about mental health.
This was my favorite quote from the book
“I am tired of being decent and good in the hope that this life will be good to me one day and give me my big break. I hate it! I hate people like you, Lale, and….”– Ntuthuko
This quote really stuck with me.

Bontle Ledwaba
Love, death, loyalty and scandal…

After reading the Hlomu The Wife, I just knew I had to buy the whole series.

Zandile The Resolute; focused more on Zandile and her family history. And Sbopho started to communicate to his Sons through the Xolie's child, this storyline made the book seem more mysterious. Throughout the book Zandile struggled to accept that Hlumo has taken the motherly role or crown in the Zulu family. I must say; this book wasn't my favourite but I really enjoyed the ending...

Naledi His Love is my favourite, the drama that unfolds in the book allows the reader to understand the importance of culture. Qhawe's character started to be more interesting as he shows how important love and family means to him and I guess most readers can not help but fell in love with him.

"Iqunga" gave me hope that maybe the Zulu family could be normal after fulfulling the request made buy Mzizi, Sbopho and the man from Margate... but yet again there was the Sandile saga! - I love how we were introduced to Thulula and the history behind the family demon.

"Mess" … I just enjoyed Mqoqi he is such a dare devil!

I can't wait to read the last book of the series, Dudu did a great job!

Morwesi Khambule
The most beautiful series

At first I did not enjoy the book at all maybe it was because I just read naledi his love , which is my favorite book however mess left me with so much question , it gave me a romence , action and real life issues all in one . I wish you could realise part 2 I am interested in how Lake will file , how the Zulu family will file and who did Mqoqi nominated as beneficiary for his estate . I am also interested to know what is it Qhawe meant by saying he cannot loss Naledi I am definitely interested if Hlomu secret will remain a secret .

I am would like to find out who is the father of Thando Twins

I enjoy your books so much , I hope you will publish soon more over I hope people would buy your books instead on scanning and making them accessable online , it is your hard work and you deserve credit for it

Much love💕💞💓💝💝💝

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