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CSM Karnagie Govender

A perfectly orchestrated plan, by Karnagie Govender

A perfectly orchestrated plan, by Karnagie Govender

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A Perfectly Orchestrated Plan, Falls under the Spiritual Autobiography genre. This was the 1st published book by the Author, and she has done a fantastic job of it. The book is easy to read, but be prepared for lots of spiritual references to the Authors religious beliefs. The Perfectly Orchestrated Plan, author Karnagie, takes us along her personal journey, spiritual journey, and highlights her life and how it plays out. I enjoyed reading this, as I like to find out about others religious beliefs, and how it impacts upon their lives too.

Karnagie not only takes her readers on her spiritual journey, but also down memory to her childhood days and upbringing, a chapter that I thoroughly enjoyed. She also takes times to share some of her very own DIY ideas, ideas that MAY help another be able to earn a small living, if they too put to practice some recycling ideas.

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