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Dear Khethelo, by Nelly Page Magwaza

Dear Khethelo, by Nelly Page Magwaza

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When a tribal father, Gobimpisi Mbonambi, heard these words for the first time in his house they were foreign to him, so he rejected anything and everything that came with them. As the leader and headman of KwaShayinja warriors, his sons were a reflection of his leadership. Why had his first son, Nzululwazi, brutally murdered him and buried his body next to the fresh grave of his little brother? The whole country was eager to know, his trial became the most-talked about and invited the undivided attention of a high-ranking minister with a tottering reputation to affix.

Seven years later a student from the buzzing streets of Inanda Township, Khethelo Thabethe, is desperate to build her profile in Psychology. Luckily the House Of Hope & Recovery has been looking for volunteers, she travels to Isithebe Industrial Estate to help victims of trauma deal with their nightmares and rebuild themselves. Among them is the once-condemned psychopathic killer who killed his own father and buried him, for the first time in her life Khethelo has doubts about the career path she’s chosen. He’s wearing a black hoodie that’s pulled over his forehead, there’s a scar peeking from the bottom of his left cheek. He’s intimidating, not only because he’s too dark with his nightmarish brown eyes, but he looks indubitably ill-natured as well. What is it going to take for him to tell his side of the story? Can she break down the walls around him? He’s unsociable and not vocally skilled in expressing himself. But maybe there’s another way…a letter.

Dear Khethelo; The psychopathic killer pens down his life for the first time in 27 years.



Paperback, 344 pages
Published October 15th 2021 by Westpark Publishers
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