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The Other Me, by Joy Watson

The Other Me, by Joy Watson

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Willing myself not to look away, I tried to make out her features and realised, with a jolt, that she looked exactly like me. Like me, but different. Something about how she held herself told me that this girl was as strong as steel. I knew instinctively that I should not look away. Then the Other Me smiled and said, ‘Don’t worry Lolly. I’ve got this.’

Who is Lolly, really? And who is the man who claims to love her? What happens when they drop their carefully constructed masks and allow their real selves to be seen?

Chillingly intriguing, Joy Watson’s debut novel paints a portrait of a woman who will do anything to escape the damage of her past, refusing to accept that she can’t have it all, no matter what the price. The moral ambiguities and shifting revelations of The Other Me create an ingenious page-turner that will draw you in and confound you at every turn.

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Customer Reviews

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Moeletsi K

This is one of the best books I’ve gotten my hands on to. It is very intriguing and just makes one excited to continue reading. Watson used strong characterization which makes the book interesting. Lolly is such an interesting character. She is a protagonist and manipulative and she makes it hard to feel sorry for her. Watson touched on some important topics in the society such as personal histories, domestic abuse, family dynamics and displacement. I highly recommend this book.

The Other Me by Joy Watson

With this one, Watson has completely outdone himself. Lolly is the most horrible character imaginable. The line, "I detest them so much but I can't put it down," was incredibly well done by Watson. The investigation of a woman's acceptance of her inner wickedness is the focus of The Other Me. I liked how she was just who she was, with no rhyme or reason to it. It seems like there's a need to defend a character's bad, especially with female characters.

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