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Strumlet by Pumza Shabangu

Strumlet by Pumza Shabangu

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Lusanda pulled out all the stops to convince the beautiful Ndoni to give him a chance, and she did - now he is hooked. His priorities have changed, he no longer lives for the thrill of the fast life, danger and non-committal relationships. He is living his best life, anticipating the birth of his first child. Ndoni never planned to fall in love and even worse find herself pregnant, until she met Lusanda. Lusanda, who is always there for her, validating her feelings every chance he gets. His sincerity, love and generosity take space in her heart, space she is reluctant to give, but she does, she gives it wholeheartedly. When tragedy strikes, and the basis of their love is shaken, and threatens to destroy the idyllic life they set out on, they fall back to old habits. Will they survive, or are they better off dealing apart? This book is a second instalment of Strum My Pain and cannot be read as a standalone. Themes covered in the book: post partum depression, childhood trauma, family dynamics and love. This book will appeal to those that have read Pumza Shabangu's work, lovers of African fiction especially romance with solid stories.
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