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Radical Middle Confessions of an Accidental Revolutionary (used) Denis Beckett

Radical Middle Confessions of an Accidental Revolutionary (used) Denis Beckett

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In a time when South Africa nearly went up in flames, Denis Beckett wasn't always very popular as fulltime editor of anti-apartheid magazine Frontline and part-time political activist. Radical Middle tells the story of the starry-eyed young Joburg journalist who turned into a determined editor who would do anything to keep his magazine afloat in the turbulent eighties. Beckett's humorous and often self-deprecating sketches of his altercations with media bosses, black activists, narrow-minded Nationalist politicians and ordinary South Africans goes beyond a mere personal account. It also documents an era and serves as a powerful reminder 'lest we forget'. Laugh at the suburban angst and gasp at the petty politics of a time when demanding 'one man, one vote' was seen as the height of radicalism.
very good condition
Af NF used
Publisher: Tafelberg
Published date: 2010
Page count: 228
Dimensions: Height:22.00 cm
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