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Awakened To My True Self, by Nonkululeko Gobodo

Awakened To My True Self, by Nonkululeko Gobodo

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Nonkululeko Gobodo made her mark in the business as the first black female Chartered Accountant in South Africa, a great and rare feat for a black woman growing up in apartheid South Africa. If she was told at 17 years old, while pregnant, that she would be a valiant voice of her grandson, she would have laughed it off in disbelief.

Nonkululeko's career has always been about embodying black-excellence, and in this book, she bares her won perspective on deep-seated issues of racism, prejudice against woman, discrimination, and mental brokenness; themes that continues to taunt our minds today.

This book is culmination of her passion to see black people and women awakened to their true selves. It is a reflective celebration of self, courage and the remarkable spirit of resilience that lies within us all. 

The clarity in her voice comes through so well that it feels like she's in room with you, narrating her life story in an unhurried conversation. Her discerning view on the ego and the one's ability to be both wise and foolish, strong and weak, is meditative and inspiring. True to the book's title, she comes inti her own through her unordinary journey of trauma, healing and self-love that has awakened her to her true purpose. 

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