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Where We Belong, by Thandeka Makhubu

Where We Belong, by Thandeka Makhubu

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"Yoh! This is it, a new generation of fearless voices. It's not only that the writing is brilliant, it is the audacity to tell the story of the boy child unreservedly". - Dudu Busani - Dube, bestselling author of the Hlomu Series

Banele is distraught when he discovers that his high school sweetheart has left him for another boy. While he navigates his heartbreak, new pressures about boyhood begin to arise from his father and he realizes that boyhood isn't going to be easy. Pretty soon he has to choose between his true self and who he is expected to be.

Then he meets Jabulani. He is still trying to make sense of life without his father - ten years later. With a baby on the way, twins and new family around, Jabu's world is abuzz but feels lonely and empty. Quickly, he has to accept the way his life is changing and the pressures of how to be a man detain him. Like Jabu, he feels his mental health crumbling at the demands of manhood and years for a place to be himself.

When the two meet something special blossoms between them. Love becomes the first place in which they feel like themselves in a long time. Secretly, they pursue the way it makes them feel and each other. But getting too close to fire will always hurt. Jabu's father comes back. Banele's mum leaves. Homosexuality is not accepted. Neither of the boys knows what to do now that their lives are falling apart.

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