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CSM Jo-Anne Joseph

Siren by Jo-Anne Joseph

Siren by Jo-Anne Joseph

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Nothing in life is ever monochrome.
I discovered that a long time ago,
And with all such lessons, 
I learned it the hard way.

Dark cannot exist without light.
Night can’t occur without day.
Despair can’t flourish without hope.
I couldn’t live without her,
She can’t survive without me.

She was meant to be my protector.
It was us against the world.
Allies. Partners. 
Instead, she became my worst fear.

I allowed that despair to grow and fester.
I let it mar me, then, almost destroy me.
I realized something had to give.

This time, there is no turning back. 
When the siren calls to you,
You unwillingly answer.

Question is… Would I survive the fall?

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Customer Reviews

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Siren is the first psychological thriller I have ever read. This book was definitely a mind-twister, the story follows two sisters and their lives as they live together in Cape Town, South Africa. Although there is some romance, this book is more in the thriller genre and will leave you in suspense. Personally, this was not my cup of tea as don’t generally like thrillers, but for the right person, this could be the perfect book as it was still very well written.

Mbali Gumede
Good book good read!

This was a pretty good dark read that was a total mind bender. Siren and Sage are sisters Sage is an orphan, whose sister, Siren is really a big mean bully or so Sage thinks she is. Fast forward many years and the girls live together in Cape Town, South Africa. Siren is more outgoing and possessive of her sister. When things begin to happen Sage wants to leave her sister but she can't. This book was really thrilling and suspenseful and it had a lot of twist and turn in it and you never knew what was coming. Some of the scenes in this book had me putting down my ereader. This was my first time reading this author this book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. This was definitely a rollercoaster of a ride. Once I thought I figured out Sage and Siren’s story... I was given more info and realized I didn’t know anything. There is some romance in this book, but I consider it romance lite, and suspenseful thriller heavy. I don’t feel I can say much else, because any more could be a spoiler.

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