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An Evolutionary Review On Black Education, by Nthebe Molope

An Evolutionary Review On Black Education, by Nthebe Molope

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A travel through time and into our future…Hope in hand.

The book is set out as a celebration of the often-understated
achievements and contributions of the continent to the world. It starts by
surveying the landscape that had numerous structures and artifacts that
are abound throughout the continent that point to some systemic
knowledge development that has existed from time immemorial.
It further takes point with the global north being ungrateful beneficiaries
of contributions made by the continent by continuously referring to it as
backward, dark and illiterate.
Then it proceeds to looking at how and what led to the demise of the
knowledge system as had been built and the advent of Missionary
Education to the continent.
The mixed fortunes that came about as a result of Missionary schools, of
are then closely assessed, at by considering:
o Esteemed scholars that emerged from this period
o Milestones achieved by numerous scholars of the time
o Notable scholars standing up against and questioning objectives of
Missionary education
The book then progresses to the advent of Bantu Education with
associated Christian triumphalism. Looking at its ills, intentions and path
of destruction. The options of NGOs contribution are also looked into.
Furthermore the book makes a comparison of the past with the current
Education system and its myriad of challenges including
o Curriculum changes delivering minimal impact
o Unfavourable teacher / pupil ratio
o Being at variance with the NDP
o High cost low return – in comparison to several countries
o Low profile of STEM, most Maths and science teachers imported
from beyond Lebombo river and mountains

o Poor performances and production of children lacking technical
literacy at lower grades (in international ratings)
o High cost of alternatives (private schools)
The book then briefly glances at different philosophies including African
philosophy and its minuscule incorporation into current education
Lastly the book celebrates teachers and encourages them to continue in
their plight of contributing to the life of the African child. It also looks at
some bright sparks that continue to emerge, Professor Bongani Mayosi
and Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng (to name a few) as well as innovative
support like Sci Bono, Innovation Hubs and Maths projects that give hope
for the future.

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NTM Molope



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