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Burning Bright by Barry Levy

Burning Bright by Barry Levy

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Danny Rothbart is good-looking, bright, popular teenager living in Yeoville, Johannesburg, in the seventies. It seems he has the world at his feet - except for one little problem. He's having trouble losing his virginity, and the shame of the situation threatens his world. Unable to talk to his old-fashioned parents, Danny seeks guidance from the one adult in his life he can trust: charismatic, politically liberal Uncle Harold. But the suave, worldly Uncle Harold has another agenda. He is a serial child molester, and soon he draws Danny into a sickeningly manipulative abusive relationship.
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Four Stars

"Sitting there in the midst of them, I glow . . . I am like a sun; a teenage sun around which they revolve, learn, aspire, grow red with envy. Me. Burning bright. Unstoppable."
It was a different read, but worth it.

Burning bright

This story was written by the south african author Barry Levy. The story is about a boy named Danny who turns to Uncle Harold, a charismatic political liberal, for advice because he is the only adult in his life he can trust. But worldly, slick Uncle Harold has another plan in mind. He has a history of abusing children.
this was a well written novel and i highly recommend it

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