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No Easy Walk to Freedom, by Nelson Mandela

No Easy Walk to Freedom, by Nelson Mandela

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This classic collection of Nelson Mandela's articles, speeches, letters from underground and the transcripts from his trials was first published in 1965. Overnight, No Easy Walk to Freedom became an indispensable guide to the political thought of a man who was to become one of the twentieth century's greatest statesmen. Twenty years into South Africa's democracy Mandela's voice is greatly missed. Now in a new edition, No Easy Walk to Freedom is not only a vital historical document but also offers us the opportunity to re-engage with Mandela's thinking on issues such as nationalisation, the independence of the judiciary, land redistribution, the need for a strong constitution and the role of the strike in political discourse. There are many books about Mandela, but No Easy Walk to Freedom shows us the man in his own words before he became the global icon. This collection showcases Mandela's opening gambit as a politician of global significance and as such it deserves to be read to understand just what it was that drove and inspired the young freedom fighter. In this account, readers will encounter a more militant Mandela than they may remember, but a Mandela no less sure-footed in his arguments or in any way less politically astute. Part of Mandela's genius was to find a way to listen to the views of all sides before constructing a solution that was the best possible outcome for society as a whole -- rather than privileging one group over another. This pragmatic approach is now missing in the modern South African political arena, which makes it particularly refreshing to read the thoughts of a man whose pragmatism brought about one of the most miraculous political transformations the world has ever seen. No one who wants to understand the political thinking that made Mandela one of the most important statesmen of our time should be without a copy. With introduction by political commentator William Gumede and the original foreword by Oliver Tambo.

"No Easy Walk to Freedom remains as relevant today as it was when it was first published and its timeless revolutionary thought contains the seeds that can help us overcome our contemporary troubles." -- William Gumede

Author Nelson Mandela
ISBN 0795704771, 9780795704772
Format Paperback
Pages 264p.

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