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Farm killings in South Africa by Nechama Brodie

Farm killings in South Africa by Nechama Brodie

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Are farm killings political? Criminal? Is there really a white genocide under a black majority government?

Farm murders have occupied a central role in South Africa’s narratives for over 200 years. At the same time, the definition of a 'farmer' is highly contested. Media reports and activism groups typical acknowledge white farmers, frequently excluding the large number of people of colour.

Dr Nechama Brodie uses information, spanning over the last four decades and more, gathered from media reports, together with statistical data, police reports, legal cases and civil society actions, to try and understand and explain what we do and do not know about farm killings in South Africa. She also explores how we might integrate this information to help us see the phenomenon as a form of violence that affects many, not only a few, and which has affected us for far longer than contemporary narratives like to acknowledge.
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