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Third World Destiny, by Nick Green and Reg Lascaris (Used)

Third World Destiny, by Nick Green and Reg Lascaris (Used)

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Third world destiny is a non-nonsense appraisal of current realities in South Africa, its viewpoint unhindered by racial or political prejudice or first world mindsets. If South African entrepreneurs are to derive maximum benefit from a rapidly changing and growing market, their approach has to be informed positioning, or the fulfillment of wants - they simply cannot allow outdated doctrine to cloud their perceptions. Third World Destiny advocates an eminently workable and flexible marketing bands theory that allows for the crossover culture unfolding in our society. A young and vibrant population, the untapped potential of the informal sector and the vast unsaturated urban market are the upside of the third world situation. Strategies aimed at maximising business opportunities will help attain a highly prosperous Third World destiny.

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