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Moffies: Gay Life In South Africa

Moffies: Gay Life In South Africa

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Moffies: Gay Life In South Africa

Moffies is an account of gay life in Southern Africa from 1990 to the present. It views the situation in each country of the subcontinent through the eyes of gays and lesbians living there, and tells of the triumphs and trials of homosexuals in Southern Africa during the past decade. It reveals their courageous attempts at coming out and speaking up in a part of the continent where leaders often use homosexuality as a scapegoat for their own political failures and with suspicious persistence promote public homophobia. But it also reveals the more personal struggles of all those gay Southern Africans who face the ambivalent anchorage of their own sexual orientation within the complex African cultural milieu.

Author Bart Luirink
ISBN 0864864426, 9780864864420
Format Paperback
Pages 152p.
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