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Deep South

Never, by Bernat Kruger

Never, by Bernat Kruger

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The poems in Bernat Kruger's first book, titled Never, combine hard-edged realism with a wild visionary spirituality. They range from prose poems to lyrical poems to enigmatic short narratives. The risks Kruger takes with the English language are all the more astonishing given that his mother tongue is Afrikaans. "Bernat Kruger has something which seems increasingly rare in South African poetry today - a truly distinctive voice... insatiable, frenetic, reaching across the South African landscape, from the malls of Germiston to farms in Standerton and the back valleys of Limpopo... Kruger is inspired by the fleeting effervescence of life, wanting to grab every moment, to hold every breath, to live every second." - Anton Krueger

Title: Never

Author: Bernat Kruger

Publisher: Deep South

Paperback, 89pages


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