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ABT Mary Ann

Fie! See! Oh The Rap! Why? by Mary Ann

Fie! See! Oh The Rap! Why? by Mary Ann

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An epic story spanning over 50 years of an English woman's life and career as a physiotherapist in Africa.

Theis book covers a very interesting period in South Africa's history, both in the socio-political sphere and medicine. The author worked in over 10 hospitals, including the ward where Chris Barnard did the first heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital, and formed teams that did things that had never been done before. It is an example of beautiful, classic, correct and curative medicine, as it should be. Her criticism of modern medicine, and its over prescribing of pills since the 1970s, is substantiated by her recounting the use of physiotherapy to treat many ailments, ranging from skin complaints, tetanus and amputations to wound care and chest problems, in many departments, such as intensive care, neuro, post-op recovery and prenatal. She worked in the physio field for 48 years and even lectured for 48 years and even lectured for a year at age 75.

it is about a unique, exciting and unusual love story and describes how being a devoted and assisting wife can pay off. She shares her experiences of parenting and growing together as a complete "Team of Four".

It is about a woman who, being born in the Far East and not understanding nor complying with apartheid ways of living, overcame discrimination while holding dear the principles of being a good citizen: caring, helpful, humble, charitable, compassionate, a listener, a defender, non-racial, nature-loving, responsible and ever truthful.

Author MaryAnn
ISBN 9780994704955
Format Paperback
Pages 818p

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