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CSM Nkateko Masinga

While The World Was Burning by Nkateko Masinga

While The World Was Burning by Nkateko Masinga

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"People will always ask you what you are doing to stop the fire when the world starts burning. And you will look at what you have and wonder what can possibly do to fight the flames. But what can a stick do in a fire except be burned by it? What can a clay pot do in a fire except to melt in it? And such helplessness, when our small offerings only fan the flames, what do we have besides one another? How do we survive except to become water for each other?"

"This offering speaks of the way we hold each other and are held while the world is burning. How we escape fires. How we become water for others, for ourselves." - Back Cover

Artwork by: Thierry Lusele Baranzika


ISBN: 9780994712608


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