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The Raft, by Fred Strydom

The Raft, by Fred Strydom

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"The day every person on earth lost his and her memory was not a day at all. In people's minds there was no actual event -- and thus it could be followed by no period of shock or mourning. There could be no catharsis. Everyone was simply reset to zero."

On day zero, humankind collectively lost its memory. The collapse of civilisation was as instantaneous as it was inevitable. For a man named Kayle Jenner, confined by a regime to a commune on a remote beach, all that remains is the vague and haunting vision of a son. That, and a wooden raft.

It is a raft that will set Kayle on a journey across a broken world to find his son.

Braving a landscape of elusive encounters, a maze of other people's dreams, and muddled memories, Kayle will discover more than just his lost past. He will discover the truth behind Day Zero -- a truth that makes both fools and gods of men.

ISBN 9781415207369
Format Trade Paperback
Published April 2015
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The Raft

The raft tells the story set in a dystopian world caused by a tragic but mysterious event. This gripping fantasy centers around a father (Kayle Jenner) who realizes that his son is missing and sets off on a relentless journey to find his son. Strydom skilfully works through ethical and moral dilemmas, which promotes the reader to explore deep thought. Great read.

memory wipe...

What would it be like if the whole world lost their memory simultaneously? Well, Fred Strydom explores this idea in his sci-fi, dystopian, post-apocalyptic novel. The book takes you on a journey that is intriguing and puzzling. Definitely a page-turner. There are so many talented South African authors out there that do not get all the praise they deserve, Fred Strydom being one of them. Highly recommend.

Liam Prinsloo
The Raft

This is a novel which is full of fun, high speed and developed with a lot of energetic characters. This is a book which is aimed at a mature audience as it features a post-apocalyptic world with a hint of sci-fi and horror mixed with some fiction. Very well written!

Pratham Patel
The Raft

It's comforting to know that even seasoned readers of postapocalyptic fiction can be surprised. I've read a lot of postapocalyptic fiction, but I've never read anything like this, where all the characters are living in a confused and mind-bending reality, but the readers are also dragged into it.

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