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Inside Out Man by Fred Strydom

Inside Out Man by Fred Strydom

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Brilliant jazz pianist Bent lives from gig to gig in a city of dead ends. He is plagued by fragmented visions of the past, and has resigned himself to a life of quiet desolation. That is, until the night he meets wealthy and eccentric jazz fan Leonard Fry.
In the days that follow, Leonard makes Bent a devilish deal, proposing a bizarre experiment in which Bent will play a vital part. The deal provides an opportunity for Bent to start afresh, to question everything he knows, and for the two men to move beyond the one terrifying frontier from which neither of them can be sure they'll ever return: the borders of their own sanity.
Fred Strydom's novel The Inside-Out Man is a jazzy and surreal mind-bender of a book.
ISBN 9781415209561
Format Trade Paperback
Published April 2017
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Customer Reviews

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Mbali Gumede
Good book good read!

This is a twisted, gnarly, slippery story, guaranteed to leave you with chills down your spine and big questions about your own existence in your mind. I will say nothing more about it. You must start this one untainted.Who are we? Really - at rock bottom? Fred Strydom sets out to show who Bent Croud really is - or isn't. An intriguing, surreal mystery that severely bent my brain out of shape. At the end of the book I had as many questions as answers. A bright new light on the South African literary scene. If you want to try a novel that's different, and well-written, give Fred's novel a whirl.

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