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A Spy in Time, by Imraan Coovadia

A Spy in Time, by Imraan Coovadia

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Making sure the end of the world never happens again – that is Enver Eleven’s task. A spy for the Historical Agency, Enver is based in Johannesburg, the only city to survive – thanks to its mining tunnels – when a supernova hit.
In Enver’s Joburg time-travelling agents jump between the past and future, searching for an elusive enemy plotting against the Agency. Enver’s mission starts off on shaky ground: when his mentor Shanumi Six disappears, Enver must prove that he is no double agent, an allegation as frightening as a white skin in a world where it has become vanishingly rare.
But if you could go back and change the past, would the future turn out the way you want it to? Imraan Coovadia’s dazzlingly original A Spy in Time  is an extraordinary tale for extraordinary times.
Imraan Coovadia is the author of the novels The Wedding, Green-Eyed Thieves, High Low In-between, The Institute for Taxi Poetry, Tales of the Metric System,  and  A Spy in Time.  He has also published a study of VS Naipaul, as well as a collection of essays,  Transformations,  and has contributed to publications including The New York Times,  the  Los Angeles Review of Books, N+1, The Independent, Threepenny Review, Chimurenga,  and  The Times of India.  He is a winner of the Sunday Times Fiction Prize, the University of Johannesburg Prize, the M-Net Prize, and a South African Literary Award for Non-Fiction. A graduate of Harvard College, he directs the creative writing programme at the University of Cape Town.

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Customer Reviews

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Thought provoking book

A spy in time is an extraordinary tale that plays with the idea of spy craft, time travel, and saving the world. It is a must-read for time travel enthusiasts. I admired the detail and imagery that Coovadia created therein making the book a lot more engaging. Very interesting and thought-provoking read.

Mbali Gumede
A brilliant book

A Spy In Time is a sci-fi book like I've never read before. There are some huge ideas in this novel that will tickle the fancy of even the MOST literate time travel enthusiasts. I personally loved Imraan Coovadia's super fun technical details about his version of time travel which, in this novel, is a government run program. There are lots of fun facts on the practical elements of how time travel works including how much energy round trips take, the cost of energy, and the effects on the human body. But what I also enjoyed were the moments with our hero inside the travel which sometimes felt like a dream and other times felt like nostalgia... as I imagine real time travel would. This book takes you on a fantastic journey that literally spans time and space, and even includes a short jaunt to Jupiter. Plus there's spies and intrigue and who doesn't love intrigue? Imraan creates a parallel universe so complete and unique in its complexity that you won't be able to put this one down.

A Spy in Time by Imraan Coovadia

I've never read a science fiction book like A Spy In Time. Even the most literate time travel aficionados will find some major concepts in this book to their liking. I really like Imraan Coovadia's highly amusing technical details regarding his interpretation of time travel, which is a government-run initiative in this book. There are many interesting details about the mechanics of time travel, such as how much energy it requires for round journeys, how much it costs, and how it affects the body.

Rochelle Coetsee
A Spy in Time by Imraan Coovadia

A book written in such detail can successfully transport the reader into the story. One of the most challenging genres to write in is science fiction. Mr. Imraan Coovadia had written a masterful prose and innovative the use of science fiction to create a world with all these characteristics combined as spies, space travel, time travel, and contemplative philosophy.

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