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Afterland, by Lauren Beukes

Afterland, by Lauren Beukes

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In a future where most of the men are dead, Cole and her twelve-year-old son Miles are on the run from the most dangerous person she knows … her sister.
Miles is one of the lucky survivors of a global pandemic. But, in a world of women, that also makes him a hot commodity.
The Department of Men wants to lock him away in quarantine, forever, maybe.
A sinister cult of neon nuns wants to claim him for its own; the answer to their prayers.
And boy traffickers are close on their heels, thanks to Billie, Cole’s ruthless sister, whom Cole thought she left for dead.
In a desperate chase across a radically changed America, Cole will do whatever it takes to get Miles to safety. Because she’s all he’s got.
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Customer Reviews

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John knox
Some food for thought

This was an interesting and intense book especially in light of the global pandemic. The world building was on point, definitely believable in a situation where there are no men.

Definitely gave some food for thought commented on some interesting moral dialmmas in which are relevant to today's current society.

Kendall Rae Behr
Pandemic read

This was surreal to read during the lockdown this year, and I am still finding words for it. Beukes explores a world without men, but it's not the utopia you mght expect, but rather women are shown as human as men are. I really enjoyed the idea of a pandemic that changed the world in such a concrete way.

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