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Cruel crazy beautiful world, by Troy Blacklaws

Cruel crazy beautiful world, by Troy Blacklaws

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South Africa, 2004. Jerusalem (half Muslim, half Jew) is a young student with poetic leanings. Zero, his hard-headed father, will no longer fork out money for his unfocused studies. He is sent away from the jazzy verve of Cape Town to learn to stand on his own two feet by selling curios to tourists. During his inflicted exile in Hermanus, he takes on a Tanzanian refugee boy as his fellow traded and falls for the beautiful yet elusive Lotte.

At the same time another story unfolds: Jabulani, a Zimbabwean teacher, loses his job for mocking Mugabe and so falls into disgrace. He heads south in a bid to find a life beyond the chaos of Zimbabwe. Across the border he is hounded by Ghost Cowboy, a murderous albino.

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