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The Murder Of Norman Ware, by Rosamund Kendal

The Murder Of Norman Ware, by Rosamund Kendal

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Life in the San le Mer golfing eco-estate on the KZN north coast seems idyllic. With its diplomatic-level security, smarmy country club and resort-style pools and restaurants, it is home to the rich, famous and infamous. But beneath the luxurious and well-manicured surface, corruption, lechery, evil and debauchery seethe. It is in this rotten stew that a series of seemingly random and coincidental events leads to the murder of one of the estate's most respected residents: Advocate Norman Ware.

As Detective De Villiers sifts through the witnesses and suspects the pillars of lies and deceit upon which the exclusive estate residents' lives have been built start collapsing.  Who is the killer? Is Norman Ware really an innocent victim? And what is the link between all the different players?

The Murder of Norman Wareis an essentially South African novel, twisted around the outrageous inequalities that exist in this socially, economically and culturally diverse country. It plays with the ideas of fate and of action and consequence. It's clever. It's macabre. And it's very, very black.

About the Author
After studying medicine for six years and then working as a doctor for another five, Rosamund Kendal decided that the creative side of her brain needed some stimulation and enrolled for the master's degree in Creative Writing at UCT. She hasn't been able to decide whether she prefers being a freelance writer or a general practitioner, so she's come to a compromise and does both part-time.

Format Paperback
Pages 225p.

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