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By the Fading Light

By the Fading Light

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By (author): Ashraf Kagee. The sun begins to set and twilight falls over the Cape Town suburb of Salt River. The year is 1960, the year of the Sharpeville massacre. Three friends, Ainey, Haroun and Cassius, comrades in arms and merry pranksters, make a discovery that changes their lives.

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Mbali Gumede
By The Fading Light by Ashraf Kagee: This book stayed with me a long time after I was done with it.

The book tells the story of four boys, Amin, Haroun, Ainey and Cassius. Amin takes a different route home from school one day and is never seen again. The story covers the aftermath of his disappearance, how each of the boys grapple to make sense of the fact that Amin is gone. The book is part psychological thriller, part time-capsule, transporting the reader on a journey to life in Salt River, Cape Town in the 1960s.
As a society, we draw on artistic forms to bring to life aspects of our history, where we come from, what has shaped us. By the Fading Light is not just a gripping story about Amin’s disappearance, it is also a way of commemorating aspects of both communal and personal memory.
The book is a coming of age story, about the loss of innocence. It takes us into the inner challenges of young boys who are trying to navigate their way through difficulty. While the story is sad in many ways, I cannot emphasise how funny it is. Kagee is adept at making us laugh.

By the fading light

Amin, Haroun, Ainey, and Cassius are the four boys whose stories are told in the novel. One day, Amin takes a different route home from school and disappears. The aftermath of his disappearance is covered in the narrative, showing how the lads struggle to comprehend Amin's departure. The book transports the reader to life in Salt River, Cape Town in the 1960s and is equal parts psychological thriller and historical capsule. This was a well written book and I highly recommend it.

raw and brilliant

this novel deals with the underlying issues brought about by apartheid, sexual violence and class division. It was an amazing read, and even though I have a hard time forming a proper opinion on this novel, I can wholeheartedly say that I recommend it immensely. Jacana Media never fails to publish thought provoking brilliant pieces.

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