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Trial of Cecil John Rhodes, The, by Adekeye Adebajo

Trial of Cecil John Rhodes, The, by Adekeye Adebajo

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Set over five days in an African Hereafter called "After Africa", this story revolves around the British South African imperialist, Cecil Rhodes, awakening in an After African Limbo after being asleep for 120 years. Guided by Ghanaian writer Efua Sutherland, he is taken on a tour of After Africa's five heavens, experiencing Africa's great civilisations, its Nobel laureates, its writers, its musicians and its sporting legends. 

The novella centres on the grand trial of Cecil Rhodes in the fifth heaven for five crimes committed in the Herebefore. Two Counsel for Damnation - Olive Schreiner and Stanlake Samkange - face off against Two Counsel for Salvation - Nelson Mandela and Harry Oppenheimer.

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