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The Hunter Is Death Thomas Victor Bulpin

The Hunter Is Death Thomas Victor Bulpin

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The Hunter is Death tells the fascinating story of the life of George Rushby. As a child in England, Rushby devoured every book written about hunting in Africa. As soon as he set foot on African soil, the continent captured his heart. Starting out as a foreigner in a primitive land with no skill in hunting, he gradually evolved into one of Africa's greatest hunters and adventurers. As ivory hunter, farmer, prospector, game ranger, conservationist, and eventually the man who defeated the dreaded man-eating lions of the Njombe district, he crossed paths with intriguing characters from different corners of the world. He came face to face with majestic elephants, poachers, witchcraft, cults and countless other challenges which he took on with an open mind and a sense of humor. The continent of Africa has for a long time produced its share of bush stories, some carried down generations, others more recent. Readers interested in traveling, travel writing, history and natural history will enjoy this book.
Publisher: Protea Boekhuis
Published date: 2015-03
Page count: 480
Dimensions: Height:20.30 cm
Thickness:3.80 cm
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Customer Reviews

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Mbali Gumede
Great book on an extrodinary life!!

Interesting tales from the African bush...a completely different era and a good view into what Africa was like during the first half of the 20th century. Good descriptions on how many probably view Africa as it was and many still think it is today. Extremely interesting behaviors of the man-eating lions and the whole sub-culture and beliefs of the people.

Good read

An interesting book about past characters in East Africa. Notable is the section about Gombe Chimpanzee reserve prior to Jane Goodall's study

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