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Your People Will be My People The Ruth Khama Story Sue Grant-Marshall

Your People Will be My People The Ruth Khama Story Sue Grant-Marshall

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Their love story was one of the greatest of our times. Ruth Williams was a middle-class Londoner who loved ballroom dancing and ice skating when she met Seretse Khama. He was chief designate of the most powerful tribe in Bechuanaland, today Botswana, on the borders of apartheid South Africa. Their union sparked outrage, fear and anger. Ruth2019s father barred her from their family home, she was hounded by the global media and shunned by white people in Seretse2019s village of Serowe. The couple was humiliated, tricked and eventually exiled to England. But, despite all these tribulations, their love triumphed over the politics and prejudice of the time. ?This is the story Ruth Khama told well-known journalist and author Sue Grant-Marshall 2012 the story of an extraordinary woman, who had the courage of her convictions in marrying the man she loved and accepting his country and people as her own."
Publisher: Protea Book House
Published date: 2019-01-31
Page count: 364
Dimensions: Height:23.00 cm
Thickness:3.00 cm
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