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Delilah Now Trending, by Pamela Power

Delilah Now Trending, by Pamela Power

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Single mom Delilah’s life goes up in smoke when her Grade 6 daughter – the star pupil Daisy – isn’t made head girl. Rosie Roberts, Daisy’s nemesis, is crowned instead. But when Rosie is pushed off the second-storey balcony at school, accusing glances are cast at Daisy...

Did Daisy push Rosie, and to what lengths will Delilah go to clear her darling daughter’s name?

This darkly comedic novel features a delicious PI named Jonty, a closeted ex-husband married to a LBW (Little Blonde Wife), and a dashing widower who presides over Daisy’s disciplinary hearing.
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Customer Reviews

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Delilah now trending

The early pages of this book transport you to Delilah and Daisy's world, which is hilarious and fascinating. It was intriguing and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Despite being fiction, the novel gives you a taste of the pressure and competition that students today endure in schools. Some of these demands are made on kids by their parents, while others are made on kids by kids. Additionally, bullying is mentioned, which occurs more frequently in schools than we would want to admit.

Mbali Gumede
Good book good read!

What I loved about this book is that it is not written from the point of view of a critical outsider, but from the perspective of an affectionate insider. Delilah is very much part of this private-school mommy world, and just as afflicted by the craziness as all the other mums. This made it so much more compelling and relatable. Can't wait to buy Pamela Power's next book!

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